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Our stores are the place where we meet our loyal customers face-to-face and they're where you can become part of the H&B success story.

All of our store teams are made up of dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly people who work hard every day to delight our customers.

Our retail colleagues are “qualified to advise” with in-depth training in nutrition and supplements to give personalised advice to customers on their wellness needs.

Store Manager

To be a successful store manager at Holland & Barrett, you need to be an excellent leader, have brilliant communication skills and be laser-like in your customer focus and attention to detail. It is challenging work and fast-paced, but we will support you every step of the way with a great induction, in-depth training, and excellent support from your Regional Manager.


All our supervisors complete our fantastic “Qualified to Advise” and level 2 operational training, to help turn them into shopfloor superstars! You will be qualified to help advise our customers on how to live healthier, happier lives. Our operational training will make sure that you can confidently run the store, including opening, and closing when needed. This role can be a stepping-stone to one day running a store of your own.

Assistant Manager

You will be second in command, on hand to support your manager and your team in all areas of the store. Whether you are a supervisor already, an assistant manager looking for more, or if you simply feel ready to take that next step up, this could be the opportunity you are looking for.

Store Colleagues

Store colleagues are vital to our success. Yes, you will need to be able to carry out regular tasks like replenishing shelves, keeping the store clean and tidy and serving customers, but there's so much more to it than that!

Store colleagues all need to be able to give our customers the advice they need to live healthier, happier lives. And we'll make sure you're ready for whatever question, query or lifestyle goal is thrown your way by asking you to complete industry-leading operational and “Qualified to Advise” training. The training will stretch you, but it will turn you into a health and wellness expert, ready to advise our customers on whatever they need.

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How we hire

We're committed to fair hiring and as such everyone who applies for a job in our retail stores is invited to interview online, over chat. It gives everyone a chance to shine, and tell us what makes you uniquely you. What's more, we share personalised career insights & coaching tips with everyone who interviews, because knowing about yourself is how you grow.

Our hiring process..

Online interview
Personalised insights
Chat with manager
Job offer

Learning and Development

All our retail colleagues complete our QTA+ (Qualified to Advise) qualification which is externally accredited and nationally recognised at Level 2! In this course you learn the basics of nutrition, what the key vitamins and minerals do for us and how we can help ourselves and our customers through lifestyle advice and products.


The Holland & Barrett Roots Apprenticeship is aimed at young people who are looking for an alternative to university. Becoming an apprentice allows you to learn valuable skills and knowledge through a specially crafted programme of study, whilst you work; developing both the practical skills and understanding needed for you to excel in the retail environment.


Grow is a 14-month programme designed for Team Leaders or equivalent in function identified as having the potential to become a high-performing Manager. We use a monthly blended learning approach including virtual classrooms, 1:1 coaching/support session, assignments, research tasks, projects, online learning, practical activities, and observations.


Evolve is a 20-month programme designed for managers and team leads. It is made up of 17 months on the programme, followed by a three-month end point assessment. We use a monthly blended learning approach: virtual classrooms, 1:1 coaching/support session, assignments, research tasks, projects, practical activities, peer networking, and shadowing.