Tech departments

Cyber Security

Our focus is to continue protecting our customers, partners and colleagues across the globe, now and in the future.


From data science to product analysis, we're strengthening our foundations and capability to enable reliable, optimised and automated data at Holland & Barrett's core.


From how you check out on our website to how we manage our stock in the distribution centre, it's our Engineering team, working closely with our Product teams that build the functionality and keep it running smoothly.


We’re delivering and expanding on our existing wellness journeys to take us beyond retail, creating multichannel experiences and services that help our customers reach their wellness goals.

Technology, Ops and Services

We’re expanding and building the right platforms for the future across our infrastructure and networks to support our customers across the globe.

Technical Program Management

We lead programs throughout the entire lifecycle from defining scope and strategies all the way to delivery and ongoing monitoring to generate continuous value for our customers in-store and online.

How we work

At Holland & Barrett, our vision is clear: by 2025, we aim to be helping 100 million people to reach their health and wellness goals – all via the power of tech.

We're at the forefront of change - enabling people to make health and wellness a way of life, for everyone. Technology is at the heart of that as we create personalised wellness journeys for our customers that move seamlessly across every channel.

From free online consultancy that delivers bespoke recommendations, to innovative tech that allows customers to shop whilst they're in the queue at our retail stores, we're driving big changes both in-store and online. Join us to develop your EPIC career that not only fuels your ambitions, but the wellbeing of millions of customers across the globe.

Tech stack

Kotlin, Python, SQL/NoSQL, Kubernetes, Datadog, AWS, Airflow, Kafka

Live roles

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Tech people

Sathya - Chief Technology Officer

Katya - Chief Product Officer

Dobo - Chief Data Officer

Tech and wellness

Join us and use our greenfield tech stack to create something new from the ground up – whether you choose to work in our offices or from home. Utilise all of these technologies and more, to create personalised wellness journeys for our customers across every channel imaginable – and the most empowering tech tools for our people throughout our offices, and our 1,600 stores in 18 countries.

From free online video consultancy appointments that deliver bespoke recommendations, to innovative tech that allows customers to shop whilst they’re in the queue at our retail stores, we're driving big changes. Help digitise 1,600 (and counting) stores in 18 countries. Deliver innovations that help us lead the way in omnichannel content and personalisation. Develop a career that fuels your ambition and the wellbeing of customers from Hong Kong to Amsterdam.