Senior Marketing Executive - joined in May 2012

What does your role entail? What do you specifically enjoy about your role?

I oversee the Retail Support Desk, New Stores, Relocations, Refits & Closures from a Marketing POV. I also look after the generic POS in stores – any new POS or amends to current POS would be briefed into myself, to liaise with the printers to get this created/costs/timeframes.
I enjoy being able to be creative to a degree within my role – seeing something go from a little drawing on paper, to a real item.

What has been your greatest achievement whilst working at Holland & Barrett?

Having many roles within my 7 years being with the company – learning different aspects of how the business runs. Figuring out what I really enjoy and what department I want to build a career in.

What do you love about working for Holland & Barrett?

Working for an understanding manager and with a good, hardworking team.   

Which Holland & Barrett product is always on your shopping list?

Too many – a firm favourite and little saviour is Echinacea.